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Rapid DNA at the Border

Testing asylum seeking families at the Mexico-U.S. border for genetic kinship borrows from racist immigration policies of the past.


Zero-Tolerance Policy (Podcast)

The Trump Administration’s zero tolerance policy for migrants produced widespread outrage. Professors Heide Castañeda and Nara Milanich describe who these migrants are, how zero tolerance policies impact them and their health, and what – if any – historical precedents exist for these policies.


Kindred Souls 

Trump suggested that immigrants be subjected to ideological tests to determine whether they “share our values.” Ironically, many Central American asylum seekers are devout evangelicals.


Compassion for Migrant Children

Humanitarianism is a double-edged sword: The prospect of suffering children can move people to action like perhaps no other, but such well-meaning impulses often prove radically insufficient and sometimes downright counterproductive.


No Way Home

Trump’s new zero-tolerance immigration policy, which separates parents from their children, is a cruel strategy to curb the flow of immigrants and asylum-seekers arriving in the United States. Here’s why it’s bound to fail.


Dispatches from Baby Jail

Since 2015, a pro bono legal project has provided counsel to women and children detained at the nation’s largest ICE facility. Under Trump, the fate of the project remains uncertain.

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Children Behind Bars (Podcast)

In which I describe my experiences as a volunteer translator with the CARA Pro Bono Project (now Dilley Pro Bono Project), providing legal assistance to asylum-seeking mothers and children at a south Texas ICE facility.


Nations Have Separated Children Before. It Never Ends Well

Modern states have long practiced forcible removal of children from their parents’ care. In doing so they have invoked motives that echo uncannily those of the Trump administration: the children’s own well-being. Historically, this rationale has produced heinous results.


Children & Migration in the Americas

Understanding the history of child migration and the discourses attached to it is critical to countering unjust immigration policies across the hemisphere.

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